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Who am I

Born as son of a farmer, nature was always close. The love for farming, a new born calf, crops growing on the field, harvesting and the constant care for the ones we love, was passed on by our parents to all their children.

My love for photography was born when I bought my first Olympus IS 1000 camera. Before that photography never brought what I hoped to achieve, a way to portrait how beautiful nature can be. When the digital photography era entered I bought my first digital SLR camera. Changing lenses allowed me to focus on small details, beautiful wide views and everything in between.

When shooting photographs it feels like entering another world. All sensors, eyesight, hearing and smelling are opened to capture as much as possible of what is surrounding you in order to create the right conditions that hopefully allows you to shoot that one shot a photographer is dreaming off.

Over the years I learned that I like shooting photo's most where the action is, being a sport activity or in a theater. Next to this shooting wild life is fantastic too and being on my own allows me to escape daily business.